[Office Interior Design] 5 common office styles, which one do you like?

In the Google office in the movie "Uncle Intern", the space has rich colors and high flexibility. There are diversified open spaces that can stimulate team development, and there are also individual independent spaces that are not disturbed. Such an environment forms a smooth working atmosphere. Improving efficiency can also reduce anxiety and form part of the happy business.

Office Interior Design: Which do you like?

Of course, not every corporate image and space can be operated like a Google office. The interior design of the office is more important than the corporate culture and spirit. Today we sort out the 5 common office interior design hk styles and choose the office of your dreams!

1. Office Interior Design Style - Industrial Style

Black and gray are the basic colors of the industrial style. Concrete and cement can stand out from the characteristics of this style. Finally, black iron parts are used as supporting roles to make the space more and more flavorful.

➨The corporate image emphasizes individuality and tenacity. You can refer to this style to add points to your office environment.

➪Constituent elements: wood grain, black iron parts, primary colors of building materials, exposed lamps

2.Office Interior Design Style - Nordic Scandi Style

The Nordic style is developed from the local cultures of northern Europe such as Iceland, Sweden, and Norway. The design is simple and not exaggerated, with plants, light-colored wood, and bright white light.

➨If you like the fresh texture of nature and give customers a warm brand spirit, Nordic style will be your first choice.

➪Constituent elements: light-colored wood grain, low-saturation colors, natural elements, geometric lamps, blankets

3. Office Interior Design Style - Minimalism

Originated from the German architect's idea of 'Less is More' in the last century, the modern style deliberately leaves the space blank, neat and reduces unnecessary decorations. The vertical and horizontal lines make the pure white space appear layered and magnified.

➨The company focuses on a neat and generous image, and uses pure white design to make the space bright.If a showroom is added, the displayed products will be more distinctive.

➪Constituent elements: white, geometric lines, hidden handles, glass

4. Office Interior Design Style - Black Style

The color that can express individuality most strongly is black. The high-end, deep and restrained color creates a high-end and extraordinary effect for the space.

➨Your brand has a unique and fashionable image. You may wish to try the all-black series. Just add a little light to the black space and match it with different materials to stabilize your working mood.

➪Constituent elements: black, stone, leather, design lamps

5.  Office Interior Design Style - Lively Style

"Going to work is to be happy!" Bright colors and irregular configurations create a flexible and agile experience for the space, add interesting pattern embellishments, and lively contrasting colors give the space a youthful atmosphere and inspire creativity.

➨Does your business emphasize creativity and a happy environment?This kind of lively, colorful and open configuration can best interpret the young and energetic style. If you are excited, it is better to plan it now!

➪Constituent elements: colorful colors, modeling lamps, diversified image creation, wallpaper