Why have to hire an interior designer to renovate your home?

Buying a home is a major event in life. To have a comfortable home, there are still many things to deal with after buying a property. Among them, the most troublesome things for home owners are new home decoration and interior design for home. Many people worry whether they should find a decorator or an interior designer. If you are worried that you do not know how to communicate with the decorator, and you are afraid that the result of the decoration will be very different from your imagination, and you have a relatively loose budget, hire an interior design company or interior designer should be able to solve common problems you may encounter in home decoration.

What are interior design services? Renovation vs Interior Design

Before sharing the benefits of hiring an interior designer Hong Kong, let’s explain what an interior design service really is. Many people think that hiring a decorator will also do interior design, or that the decorator can "cook the dishes" by looking up style pictures on the Internet. But in fact, decoration and interior design Hong Kong are two categories of work.

Interior design attaches great importance to "design". In other words, it is to make the home more beautiful. It will also select corresponding materials and furniture for customers to make the overall design consistent. At the same time, it will also supervise the entire decoration project so that the project effect can be presented as much as possible.

As for the part of the decoration that focuses on the implementation of the project, if there is an interior designer to coordinate, it can ensure that the decorator can complete the work as designed; on the contrary, if there is no professional design drawing, only the effect drawing or style drawing, there is a chance to pay attention to the details There are differences.

4 Benefits of Hiring an Interior Designer

From this point of view, although an interior designer does not seem to be necessary, and only a decoration company can be used to complete the project, if there are requirements for design and engineering, hiring an interior designer hk has the following four advantages.

Unified style

Named "interior designer", as the name suggests, of course design comes first. When furnishing a new house, of course we hope to present the most ideal design, but if we live together as a family, everyone has slightly different preferences, and the style may become different; The living room is stylish, but I want the bedroom to be soft.

Therefore, there is a need to hire an interior designer. The interior designer will balance different opinions and style characteristics, and design a unified and unique home, so that the overall feeling is more harmonious, and there will be no "one-off" effect.

Space layout planning

Regardless of the size of the home, the spatial layout of the home is very important. Otherwise, a large unit will appear cramped. On the contrary, if the design is appropriate, making good use of different materials and indoor lighting, a small unit can also be designed with a sense of space. A common practice is to use mirrors and glass partitions to enhance indoor lighting and make the visual sense brighter and more transparent.

Decoration coordination and time control

Although decoration is a major event in life, it is also difficult to supervise the work around the clock, and it is not pleasant to hear inaccurate working hours or other misunderstandings from time to time. If you hire an interior designer, the interior designer can coordinate and monitor for you. The interior designer is also familiar with the terminology in the decoration industry and the engineering process. Communication with the agent can reduce misunderstandings and make the working hours and finished products as close as possible to expectations.

Budget control

Although hiring an interior designer requires additional charges, it can avoid additional charges due to working hours or material issues. In addition, the interior designer can design according to the customer's budget, and can avoid the most important details and reduce unnecessary expenses. , making the project more in line with the budget.