Top 3 interior design style for home in Hong Kong

There are so many types of interior design, it is really not easy to choose a decoration style that suits you or meets your conditions. Nowadays, there are so many categories of "modern style" and "industrial style"! This article will introduce the definition, characteristics, and decoration design elements of the mainstream interior design Hong Kong styles in detail.

To begin with, the interior design company is composed of a group of professional interior designer Hong Kong teams, through each person's professional knowledge to try to meet the interior design style and house function that customers want. The service scope of design companies generally includes the space design of residences, offices, and shops. Whether it is a large or small apartment, the designer will design a practical and beautiful space according to the characteristics of different units.

1. Scandinavian interior design for home

Nordic-style design likes to use wood as the main building material, especially the light-colored wood grain brings a refreshing and clear color temperature, which has two characteristics-"brightness and simplicity".

In addition, a lot of white will be used throughout the house, and the simple walls echo the space without excessive decoration. The open LDK layout is a common design method. The design must be adopted in the dwelling, which can eliminate redundant partitions in the hall and make the space feel more spacious and transparent. In terms of evolution, the Nordic style is also deeply influenced by modernism, emphasizing simplicity and functionality. If you like the cleanliness of the modern style and the unique texture and temperature of the natural environment, then the Nordic style is definitely your first choice

Nordic design features

Emphasis on functionality, natural light colors

In order to keep the space simple, designers always choose fabrics and blankets, which are simple but warm materials, when choosing interior decorations.

In many cases, fabrics are used to decorate the home. As for the color of the sofa, it is generally dominated by white, earth tones and gray. Some designers may choose a dark green sofa that symbolizes the forest to decorate the space. Because of advocating nature, Beifeng's design is also relatively simple and not extravagant.

White can be divided into two main tones of different levels, depending on what kind of atmosphere you want the space to present. Pure white looks calm and suitable for kitchens and study rooms; while warm white tones like ivory can make people feel intimate and suitable for bedrooms, children's rooms and living rooms. Other options are beige, gray, khaki and so on.

Lots of wood elements

The most classic Nordic style living room will only have wooden floors, and many times these are solid wood floors. The colors are usually light, and generally speaking, the light wood color in the picture is the most common.

In addition to sofas, Nordic style homes usually have a lot of wooden furniture, such as veneer storage cabinets, TV cabinets, solid wood coffee tables, dining chairs and dining tables, etc. (if the living room is connected to the dining room), bringing warmth to the interior decoration. Warm feeling.

For some evergreen plants, common choices include tiger piranha, agave, rubber tree, and Sanwei bamboo.

2. Industrial style interior design for home

From the office to the home, the stylish industrial style is also a trend in recent years-rough and tough materials, combined with exquisite details, unrestrained and freehand, full of mystery, and at the same time makes the interior feel calm and comfortable. Now there are more light industrial style and loft style!

The industrial style emerged in Europe at the end of the 19th century. The industrial style originated in Europe. The initial design features were metal aggregates, welding points, or structural components with exposed rivets. Later, it gradually became popular because it was widely used in the United States. It is often used in bars, studios or decoration houses, so the industrial style that everyone refers to basically refers to "American industrial style".

Industrial style design features

1. Brick and concrete

Both red bricks and white bricks can be matched, especially red bricks, which have a kind of primitive wildness. The gaps between bricks and bricks can present light and shadow levels different from ordinary walls, and it can also be painted on top of the bricks. Whether it is painted or not, it can bring an old visual effect to the interior, which is very Raw roughness for an industrial style. Sometimes a few pieces of the brick wall will fall off on purpose to present an old and retro feeling. The combination of cement floor and concrete can make each other's characteristics stand out. Not only is the cost low, but it can also be very distinctive.

 2. Black, gray and white basic tones

Gray is the main color, among which black, white, gray, brown, beige, wood color, etc. are very suitable for industrial style. Black is mysterious and cold, white is elegant and light, and gray is low-key and noble. Mixing and matching of several can create more levels of changes; since it is an industrial style, it must be traced back to the background of the times. In the past industrialized and rapid production factories or warehouses, color matching It is very simple, and even directly retains the original color of the material. Most of the building materials are cement, concrete or iron sheet, so cool colors such as black, gray and white have become the main colors of industrial style.

3. Lots of Distressed Metal

Metal plays an important role in the era of the rise of industry, so it is right to have a strong industrial style with distressed metal ironware! Not only is it tough, but the original distressing does not have to worry about rust.

4. Exposed pipeline

The traditional industrial style is mostly used as factory buildings and storage spaces. The simpler the decoration design, the better, so most of the ceiling and wall designs are exposed pipelines. Many people have the stereotype that the exposed pipelines are unsightly, but because the design of the exposed pipes can not only be used as space decoration, but also save the engineering cost of making the ceiling. Different from other design styles, the pipeline storage is well hidden, the charm of industrial style is here, simple and rough design aesthetics!

5. The older the better

The exposed rusted steel structure has been detached from the representative of the abandoned factory, which is the life of the industrial style. Everyone else wants the newest, the newer the better, but the industrial style just wants the older the more tasteful! Therefore, many factories that "specialize" in the production of industrial style furniture will deliberately imitate the old, of course not to give you defective products, but Creates a sense of aging in appearance, like rust. The collocation of the steel structure must also be rough and tough, and the metal is strong and tough, which is used to make the rough column wall and the gray concrete floor.

3. Modern interior design for home

Classic black and gray, essential elements of modern style! The modern style is characterized by rationality, simplicity, restraint and emphasis on functionality. That's why we often hear modern minimalist style and modern minimalist style, but they are actually talking about the same style.

Modern design features

1. Bright colors

The modern style color scheme is mainly based on a single material. The color scheme has a dark gray tone that is different from the industrial style, and uses a light tone with higher brightness.

- White

Modern interior decoration is most often based on various levels of white such as bright white, milk white, tofu white, beige, and even the ceiling

And the floor, both adopt a single white color as the protagonist, creating an elegant texture.


Use iron pieces, tiles and other iron gray, black, purple gray, and navy blue colors to make cabinets, or to decorate the borders.

— coffee

In order to make the home space more layered, the designer will choose shades of dark, brown, and brown colors for large cabinets and tables to match each other. The primary color of wood can add warmth to the home, and along with the simple lines in the space, you can Create a gradation effect.

2. Hidden storage

In order to present simplicity, the modern storage cabinets all adopt the design of hidden sliding doors, which means that the traditional prominent handles are abandoned, and the sliding opening of the storage cabinet is made under the sliding door of the cabinet body, presenting a hidden concave slot, or make the opening and closing of the storage cabinet into a push-type design. Make all the cabinets invisible, turn all the doors into walls, and the scattered debris at home will destroy the beauty of the modern style!

3. The penetrating sense of glass space

Wide vision, good penetrability, and smooth moving lines are the necessary conditions for the formation of "modern style"! In the modern style, multi-faceted tempered glass is often used as the partition of the compound space. First, it gives people a sense of avant-garde, and second, the overall space will not produce visual compression and cause a sense of suffocation.